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          American Guardian Warranty Platinum Coverage

1) BRAKES - Electric Brake Actuator, Breakaway Switch, Backing Plates, Wheel Cylinders

2) CHASSIS FRAME AND HITCH - LP Mounting Bracket, Bumper Welds, Manual Lift Jacks, All Chassis Frame Welds, Coupler for Gooseneck, Frame Mounted Hitches.

3) ELECTRICAL - Wiring Harness, Connector Plugs.

4) LIFT CRANK SYSTEM - Factory Installed Electric or Manual Latch Lift Crank, Cables, Pulleys and Motors, Switches, Tongue Jack.

5) SUSPENSION - Wheel Bearings, Universal Joints, Coil and Leaf Spring Assemblies and Bushings, Spindles, Spindle Supports, Struts (excluding replacement cartridges) and Axle Shafts.

6) SEALS, GASKETS, AND SEALING BOOTS - All Seals and Gaskets (excluding weather stripping) and Sealing Boots.

7) WATER HEATER - Burner Assembly, Tank, Thermostat, Fittings, Control Panel and Switches, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Electronic Ignition Assembly, Printed Circuit Boards.

8) WASTE SYSTEM - Shower, Toilet (except Electrical Toilets), Sinks, Holding Tanks, Vacuum Breaker, Gate Valves, Fittings and Connections.

9) FRESH WATER SYSTEMS - Water Pump, Compressor, Water Tanks, Lines, Traps, Fittings, Faucets.

10) CENTRAL OR ROOF 110V A/C - Compressor, Evaporator, Capacitors, Relays, Thermostat, Condensor, Heat Strips, Control Panel, Switches, Receiver Dryer, Blower Motor, Fan Motor, Bathroom Vent Motor, High/Low Cut-Off, Pressure Cycling Switch, Electronic Module.

11) RANGE AND OVEN - Burner assemblies, Thermostat, Thermocouple, Burner Valves, Power Range Hood, Microwave Oven, Printed Circuit Boards.

12) LP GAS SYSTEM - Gas Bottles, Mounting Brackets, Regulators, Pigtails, Automatic Shut-Off, LP Lines, Fittings, Gauges.

13) HEATING SYSTEM - Furnace, Ignitor, Heat Pump, Burner Assembly, Thermocouple, Gas Valve, Thermostat, Blower Motor, Fans, Printed Circuit Boards.

14) REFRIGERATOR - Thermostat, Thermocouple, Cooling Unit, Compressor and Evaporator, Condenser, Fans, Burner Assembly, Ignitor, Printed Circuit Boards.

15) GENERATOR AND POWER SYSTEM - All internally lubricated parts of the Powerplant Engine, plus the Starter and Switches, Generator Assembly, and Head (if damaged as a result of a Breakdown of a covered internally lubricated part), Power Converter, Printed Circuit Boards, Inverter, Voltage Regulator, Gauges. Also covered are Electric Step Mechanical/Hydraulic Components.

16) DELUXE APPLIANCES - Factory Installed Ice Maker, Trash Compactor, Central Vacuum Cleaner System, Built-in Coffee Maker, In-sink Disposal, Smoke and CO2 Detectors.

17) HI-TECH PACKAGE - Factory Installed CB Radio, Satellite Dish, Radar Detector, Stereo Equalizer, On-Board GPS, Fax Modem, Built-in Television (29" or less), Built-in VCR/DVD Players, Built-in CD Players, Built-in Video Game Systems, Personal Computer Systems including Monitors and Printers.

18) LEVELING SYSTEMS - All Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical Components.

19) SLIDE-OUTS - All Mechanical and Hydraulic Ram Assemblies.

20) TOWING BENEFIT - Up to $300.00 per occurrence.

21) ROAD SERVICE BENEFIT - Up to $100.00 per occurrence

22) TRIP INTERRUPTION - Up to $125.00 per day to maximum.

23) TERM - 5 Year, $100.00 Deductable

24) TRANSFERABLE - Policy can be transferred if you sell your vehicle.

25) COVERAGE - Includes Parts and Labor on covered Systems

All this from just $1995.00 when you buy your vehicle at Camper Outlet.

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